Yuzu takes home NHK trophy

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Yuzuru Hanyu won the NHK Trophy in decisive fashion on Saturday night, claiming the title by a whopping 55 points before a packed house at Makomanai Ice Arena. The superstar, who qualified for next month’s Grand Prix Final with the victory, landed four quads in his free skate to “Origin” and triumphed with a score of 305.05 points. Read on… 

If the video is blocked in your country, try this one.

With his second Grand Prix title of the season in the bag Yuzu got his ticket to the 2019 Grand Prix final. And even though he won both competitions by a huge margin it’s hard to overstate how relived he must be.

He injured his ankle in two prior Grand Prix seasons so he was understandably worried the same thing might happen again. Between his asthma and the state of his ankles (which many skaters on his level can relate to, it’s a brutal sport) it’s a miracle that he made it to the final in one piece. But he always gets up again.

I’m sorry (ish) for pestering you all with these skating posts. But for the few who actually care about this, there’s a very wholesome, little special in the video below just for you (should be timestamped at 0:15:20 and if you’d like, Yuzuru skates at 2:56:30 and for the dessert there’s this)

Yuzu dominated Skate Canada SP

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Double Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu skated a masterful performance in the men’s short program at Skate Canada to start his Grand Prix season with a bang.

Masses of fans turned out to see their hero skate in Kelowna, British Colombia, and Yuzu did not disappoint, delivering a clean program on Friday evening for a season-high score of 109.60, just a single point shy of his world-leading 110.53 that he skated at Rostelecom Cup last year.

By the time you (all three of you who care about skating ;) are reading this we’ll know how the free skate went and who was crowned the winner of Skate Canada but if nothing goes terribly wrong, Yuzuru should have a good shot at it considering his performance yesterday.

Yuzuru at Worlds 2019

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If you’re ever doubting if you can achieve something, keep in mind that Yuzuru Hanyu has asthma and an injured ankle and still managed this:

He “only” ended up in 2nd place behind Nathan Chen due to a small mistake during one jump but gosh dang, the magic was as palpable as always. Don’t miss his gala skate either. Shoma had a pretty rough day but considering his current hip and knee problems his 4th place is still very respectable.