Chucky’s TV series just featured its first-gay kiss

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Chucky’s TV series just made a major leap forward in terms of LGBTQ+ representation by featuring its first-ever gay kiss. In the fifth episode of the show’s first season, the protagonist of the season had his first kiss.

Jake, a 14-year-old boy who buys Chucky at a yard sale, has been seen growing closer to his friend Devon as the story has progressed. In the latest episode, titled Little Little Lies, the two share an intimate moment together after thinking they have saved their town from the wretched doll.

“What are you thinking Devon?” Jake asks. “I’m thinking, this is a problem we can solve together,” Devon says before Jake awkwardly giggles and says “okay.” The two then lean in for a quick kiss on the lips before smiling at each other, laughing, and going in for another.

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Chucky’s protagonist is a gay teen

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There have been more reboots and movie sequels starring everybody’s favourite, fucked up horror doll Chucky than most of us can feasibly recall. But because this is 2021, and IP is really hot right now — do you fancy another one?

Yep, a new project based around the character of Chucky is set to launch in October, according to a trailer launched today. But there’s two things that have piqued our interest: one, it’s his first TV series, and two, it’s got a gay subtext.

There is nothing more camp than slasher movies, so it makes perfect sense that we’d get our first queer lead in a Chucky franchise entry. Simply called Chucky (the original 1988 movie and its following two sequels were called Child’s Play), this story is set in American suburbia.

The central character is Jake Webber (played by Transparent’s Zackary Arthur), a 14-year-old gay high schooler who spends his free time making strange sculptures out of doll parts.

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