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Author charged with child porn over one paragraph in fairy tale

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Books are a fairly free medium. They can get away with things that films or shows can’t. In books dark themes can be explored that no one would dare to put on screen. Rape, incest and sexual fantasies can be described in a way that wouldn’t be possible in any other context.

It’s unlikely that George R.R. Martin ever considered showing certain scenes from his books in which naked teenage boys get drowned or underage strippers have sex in front of one of the main protagonists on TV when he wrote the script for Game of Thrones.

While this freedom books enjoy isn’t always used responsibly (rape as a plot device is an incredibly tired trope), these dark themes don’t only appear for entertainment purposes. Writing about them can be a way to process trauma both for the author and the reader.

But for a while now there seems to be an increasing effort to sweep everything uncomfortable under the carpet as if bad things stop happening if we just turn a blind eye and pretend they’re not a part of our reality.

Art dealing with any kind of dark theme is being pushed out of online spaces and it looks like books aren’t safe anymore either as a recent case from Canada indicates.

Last April, Quebec author Yvan Godbout and his publisher Nycolas Doucet were charged with producing and distributing child pornography. The charges against them stem from a single paragraph in one of Godbout’s novels, a dark retelling of Hansel and Gretel, in which a father sexually assaults his daughter.

Godbout and Doucet were arrested in March 2019, after a reader came upon the passage and called the authorities. The work was not marketed to children, contains no explicit visual images, a content warning was printed on the back, and the scene is meant to be horrifying, not erotic.

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Whole New Thing

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Emerson is 13 and lives with his parents in their eco-home in the wilds of Nova Scotia. He’s just had his first wet dream and completed writing and illustrating his first book. All 1000 pages of it.

Meanwhile, the home-schooled boy can barely add 2+2, so his mother enrolls him in the local junior high. There, Emerson’s 42-year-old English teacher Don has settled into a life of perpetual adolescence, paying regular visits to a park restroom for anonymous sex.

In the classroom, Emerson stirs things up. Surprisingly, Don sees a bit of himself reflected in him. Emerson, initially scornful of his teacher, soon develops his first crush on Don. The precociously confident boy, raised in a household of casual nudity and sexual openness, throws himself into this awakening of his heart with dangerous abandon. This is going to be a Whole New Thing. For everyone.

Not your average teen movie. The entire drama unfolds with the sense that these are real people living real lives, not facile movie fictions. The cast is uniformly excellent, but (Aaron) Webber in his first feature role is a stand out, delivering a subtle performance that offers a fully realized portrayal of a smart, sensitive, confused, and sometimes bratty and obnoxious youth. — Pam Grady

I couldn’t find a trailer that wasn’t in potato quality so have an excerpt from the film instead.. I just remembered by the way that when I made a post about this film on the old milkboys 11 years ago (damn…), I used a trailer that my boyfriend made himself because there was just no usable trailer out there 😄

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Drag Kids

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TV veteran Megan Wennberg has spent most of her career working as a script supervisor on shows like Quantico and Trailer Park Boys, as well as directing several short films. Now, what began as a short television documentary turned into a full feature documentary: Drag Kids.

The documentary  focuses on four young drag queens from around the world: Stephan/Laddy Gaga from Spain; Jason/Susan Bee Anthony from the US; Bracken, a female hyperqueen in Canada and fellow Canadian Nemis/Queen Lactatia.

The pint-sized drag troupe comes together to learn from one another and perform during a Montreal Pride event, and plenty of glittering, heel-wearing hijinks ensue.

Drag Kids had its stateside debut at NewFest in New York earlier this week and a wide release will follow next year (I’ll post it here of course if it should become available for free).