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Four conclusions from studying the most popular gay porn

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Dr. Joseph Brennan is a media and communications professor at the University of Sydney and has done an extensive amount of research on gay porn, particularly how it’s marketed and its reception.

“Beyond talk of the ‘pornification’ of gay culture or the mainstreaming of gay porn,” he said in an interview, “I believe more simply that gay porn has played a historically important part in our community.” He has published a handful of papers on the topic. Here are four things he has learned during his research.

1. Guys with smaller penises tend to be marketed as ‘feminine’ bottoms in porn.

This matters for two reasons: First, it stands in opposition to reality, in which desire — rather than penis-size — determines a partner’s sexual role.

Second, Brennan found that tops in porn are frequently described as “masculine,” “aggressive” or “take-charge,” while bottoms are described as “boyish,” “slutty” and even “hysterical.” These descriptions reinforce gender stereotypes that depict bottoms as more feminine. Such stereotypes affect the perceptions of gay porn viewers and perpetuate porn scenes that exhibit the same sexual dynamics over and over again.

2. Viewers like “abuse” and “exploitation” porn, unless it’s too real-looking.

While researching gay porn news sites, Brennan found that “sites with graphic rape simulations and themes of exploitation seem to thrive online.” One such site is Boys Halfway House, a site where the camera uses a first-person point-of-view to put viewers in the role of a predatory social worker preying on poor, younger boys in need.

Gay porn viewers get turned on by taboo power dynamics, but Brennan adds, “Viewers make distinctions between ‘good’ (stylised) and ‘bad’ (uncomfortably realistic) abuse porn.” A recent article on this study concluded, “There seems to be a fuzzy line that, when crossed, makes viewers feel like they’re participating in rape culture.”

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Troye Sivan on being effeminate

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“I have to get comfortable with the fact that I am kind of effeminate sometimes–or really effeminate sometimes. That I want to paint my nails. Overcoming all those stupid rules that society embeds in you as a kid about gender and sexuality is a conscious task. I have almost exclusively LGBT people around me [now]. That instilled a sense of confidence in me. That I have every reason to be proud of who I am.”

Read the whole interview with Troye over here.

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Road to ESC 2019: Australia & France

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Former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Courtney Act has lost the chance to represent Australia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with her song  “Fight for Love”. She was beaten on Saturday by Kate Miller-Heidke and her song “Zero Gravity” which you can see below.

Australia has been allowed to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest since 2015, and there is a huge fanbase for the competition in the country.

Meanwhile French contestant Bilal Hassani–who is apologetically queer– is facing a wave of hatred in his home country after securing the coveted spot to represent France at Eurovision. He has been the subject of homophobic harassment on social media, French LGBT rights groups denounced.

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