Swan Song

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When Percy Katt left his small-town home at 17, the dream of being a fashion model for runway and print was enough. But once he dipped his toe into the pool of glamour and fantasy, he created a big glittery monster of outrageous self-expression.

Katt is one of a growing group of artist creators and collaborators who take transformation and performance to a new level. Katt plays with gender as a futurist as well as a historian, and also pokes at the culture and politics of narcissism by shooting past boundaries of “good taste.” Transformation becomes transmogrification.

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  1. He’s just using it as an excuse to show off his body and of his friends.
    And I believe if you keep the copyrighted music to some short enough interval then copyright does not come into play, and a lot cheaper.
    Definitely creatively

  2. Looks like he’s pretty heavily influenced by both Marilyn Manson and Rupaul…. I’m gonna have to look for more of his work.

  3. Very sexy and impressive, kattastic job. I wonder how many years it took to film and edit these few minutes. Pretty sure Aardman Studios could publish at least a couple full feature animated clay movies during that time… ;)

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