For some guys a dead planet is a price worth paying for their fragile masculinity

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That some dudebros suffer from extremely fragile masculinity is nothing new. But just how far these guys go to uphold some fucked up image of what they think “being manly” means is still shocking at times.

New research found that one of the deterrents for not letting the planet go to shit for some men is the fear of their heterosexuality being questioned, according to the journal Sex Roles. Researchers found in a previous 2016 study that environmental consciousness fell into perceived ideas of masculinity and femininity, with eco-friendly behaviour widely perceived as feminine.

In the new study, 960 participants were asked to evaluate whether fictional characters felt “feminine” or “masculine,” based on several environmentally friendly activities such as paying bills online, turning off the air conditioner, caulking windows, recycling, or using reusable shopping bags. Participants were then made to give their impression based on a 10-point scale from heterosexual to homosexual. Kinsey is shaking!

Participants who learned that a male fictional character exhibited behaviours associated with women said that they were “uncertain of his heterosexual identity,” the researchers write. In the example of the reusable shopping bag or recycling, men across the board deemed it as “feminine.” Therefore, those “perceived as being more likely to have positive feminine than positive masculine traits” were not associated with manliness.

Professor Janet K. Swim at Pennsylvania State University who led the research determined that some men might be put off behaving in a more eco-friendly manner because of these stereotypes.

The research suggested that if being seen as heterosexual is important to them, men will opt out of gender nonconforming behaviours, with a stigma by that association. A latter part of the study showed that “men were most likely to socially distance themselves” from gender nonconforming behaviour — a social consequence to the construct of gender at large.

“People may avoid certain behaviours because they are managing the gendered impression they anticipate others will have of them,” Swim said.  If we don’t implement drastic changes the earth will literally be uninhabitable by 2040 but, you know, no homo…

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  1. This study is not about men at all, it is exclusively about American men, quite a difference. ;)

  2. I associate “environmental consciousness” (or just “mental”, for short) with men who don’t use soap and women who don’t shave. The thought of how the Greens got the pedo vote makes me slightly unwell.

  3. OK, so “researchers” discovered by the responses of some men to gender nonconforming behaviors that men and women are different. For some, a revelation that is a true wonderment. I would bet that the same ‘research’ with women asked to perform gender non-conforming activities would yield similar results. Some people are “normal.” Probably something to do with that right-brain – left-brain way of thinking.

    Fun fact: Gender norms have been cultivated and established over the eons as much by an acquired instinct – developed by thousands of generations experiencing what works – as by arbitrary societal ‘constructs.’

    The vision of an over-indoctrinated, under-educated, overly-manscaped, unemployed Millennial hanging around his parents’ house in his pajamas, staring at his phone, and sipping some weird artisan coffee is decidedly effeminate, and I would instinctively pass on joining in just about anything he might be doing, regardless of the activity’s merits.(Unless he’s hot and he’ll let me blow him.)

    Anyway, not to worry, the earth is just fine. It’s my favorite planet! Delightfully habitable, it will remain so. Ice ages and warm ages come and go, always have, always will. I’m sure when 2040 comes around, I’ll be long gone, and those of you still here will have a whole new set of end-time predictions to fuck yourselves up with.

  4. W O W ! The entire the male things versus the entire female things versus the all the other things is all absurd … BUT … and as never the less as real as the Greenland Viking grave yard, ECO fuck you. The Vikings do fuck, m and f, and leave behind the graveyard, and, do so as the left overs get a rescue, all this from Greenland. Climate Change ? … … … Cut off yours and make you a new. Climate change. Or, you do change the climate by doing some such so and going public. The social climate will change. The ECO is not the same as sex ? Know not any gender of the climate. Understand one sex. Do witness varieties of versions. Oh. two. &c.

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