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  1. I’ll take any and every piece of it.


    Full package or any combination!

    1. It looks like a full body harness (his shirt is just covering the top). Might try a search for that and expect it to be expensive.

      1. I tried to find something similar too, but with no success. There are many simple body harnesses around, but nothing as delicate as his. I also started looking into thigh garter belts but most pieces around are for women.

  2. Looking at that complex strap rigging reminds me of the 17th century French nobleman that committed suicide, who’s last words were a short, to-the-point criticism of the fashions of the times, “all this buttoning and unbuttoning.”

  3. An Angelic face, puppy dog eyes.
    And then, wow! A fine butt all wrapped up, accentuating its curves. “Nasty” at its best.
    Then back up to the adorable, angelic look in his eyes.
    Yum all around!

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