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    1. U so dirty Horselips yet he is undeniably cute😘and that’s a fact Jack!

  1. Is it me … or is it … yeah, it’s the photo. I see you’re back to the ultra baggy, poor quality to cover the major reason it’s been posted. I’m sure there’s at least one other photo of a cutie that shows the shape of a male below the navel on the Internet in a better light

    Wait, you’re going to say that isn’t proper? Like how most straight boys think when they look at a bad photo of a female trying against hope to make out the cleavage/breast lines?

    1. why don’t you move your browser to teen boys corner (where this image may have originated) and ogle the boys there instead, since the quality of these posts is not up to your standards?

      1. Nothing seems to be up to Penboys standards. He usually finds some fault with everything posted here. Not at all sure why he comes back other than to complain.

  2. Why the fuck are so many of you so fucking afraid of a little criticism? It’s fucking pathetic.

  3. I love when someone knows the boy on the photo, reveals the name
    maybe a new platonic love, I don’t know
    This time is my turn I guess…
    He is the sweetest, talkie, young, Brazilian boy. Danilo Munis ^_^
    I love you to guys

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