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  1. ❦No question the boy is cute but he’s just too far away to be truly appreciated… 😀Can we get a close up please!

  2. Hi Guys

    He does not seem like a queer boy. The ‘willowie stance of a queer guy’ is what turns me on and makes me attracted to my own sex: And makes him a hopeful… (Our not as he may choose)

    1. I’ve had lots of experience with guys who seem “straight”, whatever that is. I don’t personally need to have personality to be “aligned” (what ever that is) with sexuality. It is fine if people want to, they can be how ever they want to and like what ever they want to. I suppose I’m a pansexual, I really don’t care out of principal, just decide on a case by case basis if attraction is present (Maybe I’m just a slut)
      Maybe it was growing up playing with lots of boys, of which most went on to have families and not seem to play with boys anymore, which is okay, nothing to be ashamed of in the past.

  3. I really like the healthy look of beach boys. If you want a closer view, do a screen shot and then hit the plus button. I did that and was rewarded with a very nice view. In my late teens I lived in San Diego and was at the beach as much as possible. It does not have to be a speedo to provide pleasure.

  4. Right click on pic, click on “save image as” or the like, depending on your browser Flashgot from Mozilla is a great downloading program. save to whatever folder you want, such as “my pictures”, open with whatever graphics program you have (I use Paint Shop Pro) and enlarge, crop, or whatever editing you want. Definitely worth it. He’s a cutie.

    1. Paint Shop Pro is a great graphics software — it’s my standard. And a lot cheaper than Photoshop.

  5. I use a mac, it is a bit easier than that on a mac. At the same time press the command, shift and then tap the 4. You will see your cursor turn into a cross with a circle in the center. Simple make a rectangle around the part you want saved. If you do not get it right the first time try again. It will save the image to the desktop. You can click on that image and a + – will show in the window. Hit the plus and get it to the size you want. Like the other gentleman said well worth the effort, he is a very attractive surfer.

  6. I totally agree that this boy is very Cute! And indeed, it’s too bad the photo isn’t closer/bigger! But it’s easy to see this boy is adorable!

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