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    1. “But” what? :-) Glad to see some real boys on Milkboys once in a while. Anyways where Josh is from 14 is a-ok.

  1. Of the literally millions of hot beach and surfer boy pics out there, we get one showing nothing at all. Nothing to see here.

  2. Hot, but he looks like a poser. I can’t actually see him in the water surfing. That hair is too perfect. He’s really skinny as well. He can manage to lift the board but his muscles would have developed more from paddling were he a serious surfer. The board looks used, though. I’m wondering if the picture’s been photoshopped.

    1. “That hair is too perfect.”

      You mean, before he goes into the water?

      “The board looks used, though.”

      Hmmm. I wonder why that is …. is it because he’s used it before while surfing?

        1. “surfer who styles their hair before going in the water.”

          That’s styled? Looks no more than a quick combing or brushing to me. What school do you think he attended to learn that — other than high school?

  3. Yes, I agree. The photo looks chopped. The board looks like it going thru is body . He’s too pale also. lol Other than that; love the look. :>

  4. He’s definitely good looking and definitely very slim (almost “skinny”) — maybe he’s taller than what one might expect for a surfer?

    Is he Thai (or a Thai-mix/Chinese)? It appears he has very LONG fingernails and they look like they’ve been painted black.

    The photo is overexposed, otherwise it’s fine. As for that board, it’s because the angle is a near perfect ‘profile’ and you don’t see his other arm and barely his [left] shoulder blade. Without some sort of “3-D quarter view” to see the other side of his body, it tends to look weird. And it’s a bit blurred with movement when the photo was snapped.

      1. I can see why you said that.

        But, the Thais can be “all over the map” in physical looks because of their inherent “mix” — Chinese, Malay, Indian and probably several other mixes.

        I’ve seen several that have actually “looked” Caucasian (and/or a mix of it), yet when I’ve talked to them, there is no Caucasian in them at all.

        And, their food matches their heritage appearances — Chinese, Malay & Indian (often quite hot).

        1. If you say so, I won’t dispute you on it :-). To me he still looks Italian, or Latin/South America of Italian origin. All it brings to mind is an Italian boy who once passed me by on a street one morning and gave me an unsolicited “buongiorno!” It was quite a good morning.

  5. His biography on his Facebook page says “Born in Newport Beach California, from a Tahitian/French father and an Italian/Argentinian mother. French and USA citizen”. A good mix obviously as he is very, very beautiful.

  6. Maybe I’ll become religious …… after all, I think I’ve witnessed a “miracle” — milkboys back online after a month.

    1. Penboy become religious?? THAT will be the day!!

      I almost fell out of my chair laughing. :D

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