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  1. Is that a surfing apparatus pushing out his wet suit?

    He’s cute. Are there any more pics of him (or of another equally as cute and equipped in wet suits — preferably light colored!)?


  3. Walking on a public beach wearing slightly revealing wet suit is hardly a “stalking” situation.

    Would the same be said of a busty girl in a very revealing bikini … again, walking on a public beach?

  4. People usually wear wetsuits to protect from the cold water. A tight fit keeps you warmer, provides better mobility and safety, less resistance, etc. The choice of undergarment or not; an undergarment can make putting on the wetsuit difficult and can be uncomfortable under the wetsuit, or no undergarment while you spend much of your time lying down or sitting or in action and lots of guys are exhibitionists to some degree and even “straight” guys don’t mind showing some wedgies and everybody can shrink when cold so no worry. Surfing can be a great sport if you like to see some athletic bodies under tight rubber. He isn’t smiling because the conditions are challenging and he is in hard exercise mode and probably cold. Neophrene is the material of choice due to cost and material properties and is black with colors adding to cost and altering properties. The photo was snapped while the surfer was probably running to make re-entry into the water. As long as you are not a hazard on the water and can perform adequately nor in an area for “locals” only, you will typically get mutual respect. The picture is familiar to me but I can’t place it at this moment.

    1. I strike from my comment “probably running to make re-entry into the water” and put The photo was snapped while the surfer was “exiting after a challenging session” since he has taken the leash off himself.

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