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  1. Cute. Beautiful color of hair (in that light — sunset?). Great length as well — love even longer.

    Are his eyes light blue or blue-gray? Very nice, either color.

  2. It’s a frame from a movie. Someone reading this blog should remember the title. The surfer as shown here recives a great deal of the camera’s attention throughout he flick.

  3. This was from a cable series called John from California. The boy couldn’t act worth a damn but he looked so good who cares? Can’t remember his name but he’s got to be in his 20’s now, maybe 30 even?

      1. Not sure looks were all that important to Spacey. I saw pics of that Rapp boy when Spacey supposedly was after him and he was nothing special, at least not by Hollywood standards.

        After looking again, not even by neighborhood standards.

        Unless of course Spacey had some type of redhead fetish.

  4. This comment section is hilarious.

    I love how the Milkboy’s audience can be as inquisitive as the NSA when it comes to knowing more about a lovely face.

    Lets keep up the good work! :D

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