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There are uncropped versions of those pictures around somewhere; if you know where, do share in the comments ;)

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  1. Very good looking and I love the curtain shadow patterns all over his hot smooth body. It shows that in even porn, one can make beautiful photographs showing the young male body.

  2. explit, exploit, explate, exloud, explaunt, explot, exount, explat, explode, extroit, === ExPLAIN. All that albpout, abscond, abate, ab … the post. Having fun. … Want to explain … post HALLOWEEN syndrome. The post poses that as … ○○○○○○○○ hole to find

    1. DO NOT USE THIS KEY ! !.! !.!.!
      DO NOT let your curser go even close t it. !.!.!.!.!
      COP SHOP

  3. WARNING! The Xhamster site is infected by malware, possibly ransomeware. I you don’t already have it, get Cybereason RansomFree. It’s free.

    1. Have to laugh…
      Even this dinosaur could read that link and think… ‘that’s well dodgy’

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