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  1. can you really call them cute when you can’t see their face? Nice body, pretty hair, bright eyes… but past that no idea what they really look like. Could be missing that bottom jaw for all we know.

  2. I agree with @Sean. Emilie, not telling you what to do with your sites, just some observations and thoughts. This post is NSFW. Have you gone through all of the work of setting up 2 hardcore sub sites with a more generally acceptable primary site that is more about culture and issues than hardcore sex, just to have them similar? Though initially skeptical of you going through the work of setting up different sites, I have found it to be a great idea. There are many times I seem to want the queerness and familiarity of Milkboys without hardcore sex. I suspect you will benefit in keeping the sites at different levels of sex.

  3. Getting lazy fellahs? Just click on their names to get to their Twitter and you can see what they look like. Besides, you’d have to be pretty new here not to be familiar with every centimeter of Milo’s lovely body from head to toe.
    Juiceboys is for harder stuff, but historically, Milkboys has, now and then, taken short walks on the wild side. Nothing wrong with a little XXX here once in awhile.
    Now, be good gentlemen, and let’s have no more criticism of our munificent hostess.

  4. We work really hard to get people to imagine a world where everyone is treated with dignity and gender is a spectrum, not a value statement . . . until we want to see a “femboy” “get fucked” and “take a facial.” No cognitive dissonance here, folks. Move along.

    1. You forgot another one at the beginning of yours: “Asian”
      [I’m not advocating that …. it’s just another stereotype.]

  5. This site is itself a not safe for work sitr is of intent for your work … except as some might make it work for them while they work. There is the few who actually work here of and here on to make this site work. They are working this site to make it work. — OH ! The actual post ! NICE. It is exciting. The facelessness is like sex in the dark. Here we get a mere hint.
    — Suspect that the NSFW comments make a warning against this site. The THEY are after you. Do you think otherwise ? oh.

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