Strength knows no gender

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Pantene Philippines recognised Transgender Awareness Week with an affirming message in a beautiful, very emotional ad. The commercial tells the story of Kevin Balot, the first transgender woman to be an “ambassador” for Pantene Philippines.

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  1. “Strength knows no gender”

    Another great example of this is a very moving movie from Thailand, Beautiful Boxer (2004). It’s based on a true story and is a well done story/movie about strength of a Transgender to pursue a boxing career against insurmountable odds. Watch it [horsey?] and I think you’ll enjoy it.

  2. In a country that still so radically requires young boys to submit to the social pressure of circumcision or face being totally ostracized by society, I don’t believe any large scale of people in Philippines could have a flexible or accepting view on gender identity or the idea that boys should have control over their own bodies.

  3. If strength has no gender, then you’ll be OK with de-segregating sports, right?

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