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  1. OK, cute. But, why post one who’s wearing an armor of clothing and hiding interesting parts with a slab of fiberglass? Is it the dead of Winter where he was in this photo?

    1. I remember when this blog was actually for teen boys, a safe space where they could feel empowered. Now it seems all the teens are gone and replaced by creepy old man yelling at photos of young boys for not being slutty enough.

      1. I certainly wasn’t implying anything like that, I just happened to like this particular photo and Carson’s tough little street boy face . . . though I know that’s not what he is. (And I think I fall into the creepy old man category. I realize your comment may have had nothing whatsoever to do with mine.)

      1. I wonder if Wheat fields thinks the above photo is too slutty for this site?

        And that Asmo is a creepy old man for linking to it?

        I can only imagine what he thinks of whiterabbit’s comments!

  2. Love the hairstyle. Blonds really do it better. ;-)

    What a handsome young man. What we, in Scotland would call “A Broth of a Boy”.

      1. Maybe at 29 I’m getting too old to judge boys ages. I’m pretty sure he’s under 14. Maybe I need new specs. lol. Mind you at 5 ft 2 most guys mistake me for 14, in a good light, (or is that bad). I also shave my pubes totally bald. (It’s the only part of me I have ever shaved). No I don’t have beard or whiskers. I’ve never shaved . I’ve a hormone imbalance. I’ve got a size 4 feet, small hands, virtually no Adams apple, and very slim and 5 ft 2. In the nude I look even younger than 14. My boyfriend is only 26. But he’s a big man in many senses. This is the youngest I’ve ever dated. Most of my exes have been between 4 and 22 years my senior.

        I just want to Mother him. (the blond boy).

        BTW Penboy. I’m naturally Platinum Blond, (or White even).

        1. I’ve just noticed he is 16. Is that an up to date photo? And it is legal in Scotland at 16. I was always one of those young boys who found kids my own age boring. I was always looking for a man in a car, usually 21 plus to have fun with. And I always found him. Now looking at him, if he is really only 16 I would want to take him by the hand to find his Mummy. God, to think we all looked like that. Thank God for skin cream and salads. Lol.

          1. “Thank God for skin cream and salads. Lol.”

            Don’t forget Fish Oil and Vitamin E!

    1. “Blonds really do it better.”

      Many blonds can have beautiful hair … from the “platinum white” to the “very ‘dirty’ blond[ish].”

      But it’s hard to compete with a heritage’s (and straight) deep coal-black Asian hair — it’s face shaping color, glossy look and soft texture. Even better if an Asian man knows how to upkeep and style it when it’s longer — like to the shoulders.

      1. I know a good supply of Potassium. And I usually get it direct from source, every day. Ah, the “white stuff”. I like Salmon as well of course.

        I’m editing this as I’ve just looked him up. He’s actually only 15. Not 16 for another month. 26th July. I’d give him a big birthday hug.

  3. 👴🏼No muss no fuss, very cute with pretty lips…
    Just a nice photo, Thanks Josh😈

  4. I think that this has to be on a very cool day, because of what he’s wearing, if it was summer then he can take off all of his clothes, he’s cute.

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