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  1. Beautiful picture of a no less beautiful adolescent boy. good looking, natural, intelligent, without a doubt. Thanks for that post.

    1. The first person I thought of (besides him, of course) is an actor who died young over here — [just a little, and you’d have to have seen more than one movie to see the slight resemblance] James Dean if he were several years younger when he first started acting. But, this boy is at this stage in his life, a bit better looking than James Dean.

  2. Bringing the boy back to MilkBOYS :-)

    I love his little arm bands. Never seen a straight boy wear those.

  3. Droool, right now my tongue is so hard I can’t talk. I’d love to see an ‘amateur’ video of Will and his gorgeous GF. Yeah, they’re doing it. We mere mortals can only dream of the social and love life of a popular, globe-trotting, impossibly handsome teen boy model. Which is what I’m doing right now. Catch ya’ll later.

  4. He is a heartbreakingly handsome young man and seems possessed of the bubbly, happy personality of your average chirpy Cockney.

    I’d love to share some of my pix of young Willy but with giggle going through another puritan phase, I shan’t risk it.

    1. If you don’t learn to recognize certain traits in people, no matter their age or sexual identity, you’ll never learn anything about humanity.

  5. I am impressed how so many of you can find out just who a person is (name) and even find more pics and/or videos just from one picture or short video that josh puts up. Very well, indeed.

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