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  1. Cute. What’s with the strange way of printing out “Tao s” for Taos, N.M.? Very amateur T-shirt design?

    The mountains around Taos and further north around Questa, Red River and Eagle’s Nest are quite beautiful. But too bad for the extreme drought — Red River in 2001 was lucky to be flowing half full. I hope it’s improved since then.

  2. Is this a trap? Very effeminate features, and I don’t see much of an Adam’s apple. But then I don’t see much of a rack either.

    1. The Adam’s apple is there, but nearly invisible without increasing the contrast of the picture.

    1. “myopic seppo?”

      Or are you just fucking blind? There’s no fold or anything else in the above pic to offer an “excuse” for bad design.

  3. ~He works for ‘Sugar Kids’ models out of Spain and of course there won’t be any name till he’s of age. The IKKS tee he’s wearing retails for about 30euros and its part of the their grunge line for boys.

  4. when i was younger i didnt have that visible adams apple also… now as grown up it can be seen if look closely

  5. This is a very interesting, if a little bit spooky, short story. It could easily be expanded into a full-blown 2+ hour movie — leading it into a cult classic. Good special effects and some pretty good artwork as well.

    The Last Time I Saw Richard (2014) 22.12

    What do you think?

    1. Of the hundreds, if not thousands of great, short gay-themed videos on YouTube, you picked this? Cult classic? Maybe if you’re into cults.

      1. oh, horsey, … horsey, … horsey:
        “Cult classic? Maybe if you’re into cults.”

        Beef up your reading skills. That must be the reason you still believe in the bs of the bible — can’t read it properly.

        I said it could easily be expanded. We have throughout the world, many writers and directors who could take this basic premise and EXPAND IT — the story as well as the time for a “normal” movie. I see definitely possibilities in it. You don’t? — yet possess the NECESSARY imagination needed to believe in the bs of a “god”?

        I expected better of you, … really!

        1. Sorry, but expanded or even blown out into a mini-series, I don’t see a cult classic here. If you do, put your wallet where your mouth is and go for it. Don’t let me dissuade you.

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