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  1. It’s obviously a warm day – people are in shorts and flip-flops, no stockings or socks, and this dude is wearing a long sleeve leather jacket. WTF. But then, what do I know, I was never a fashionable guy. Anyway, I’d do this boy in a heartbeat, he’s so freaking hot.

  2. Leopard prints were in style again in 2013, so I bet this photo was taken in 2014. Also thats a windbreaker not a leather jacket. My bet is this was taken in some sea side European town.

    The guy is so cute he makes my cheeks heat up :p

    1. I think the picture was taken by Sinal and going by the Marca newspaper in the rack, I guess on one of his trips to Gran Canaria.

  3. He has a headful of beautiful hair on his nice face wee see only a little of. Will / Do the girls like him ? He might hate us and they . . . . and he . . . &c.

  4. Oh! What a cute boy! Love him without knowing him. It doesn’t matter. I love beauty; hes Beauty!

  5. He is cute, I don’t know if he’s wearing a rain jacket or not, but he looks good, I bet you everybody once him, I can’t blame them, guess what I would love to do, I’ll leave people curious, and wondering, what I love to do.

  6. My heart skipped a beat upon seeing this beautiful guy. Thanks for sharing the lovely photo.

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