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    1. It’s funny how some folks are instantly attracted to bits of bodies others aren’t. I showed this to my Fiance blown up and his eyes immediately went to the butt and he said he’d like to nail the little bitch up against the wall, whereas mine went to the black haired boys crotch. It’s a funny old world. “There’s nowt as queer as folk”.

  1. That wonderful age where just about every sleepover or every campout resulted in …….

    1. By that “age” you must mean “era” unless it’s outside the USA and western Europe. It looks like a current picture somewhere but not here!

    1. @ Upi thanks
      They are in good shape (slender) that they look good as they are though they may not realize it and want to fatten up. When I was younger I realized I found young people attractive because they were, what with the massive hormone productions and skin quality, too. And of course, the exploring sexuality.

    2. You recognize that exact spot? It could be, or it could be nearly everywhere in the world where boys go to play some sport or just “hang out.” The only way it could be spotted exactly if you actually know of that building behind them.

      Admittedly, it does look like it’s somewhere in a Latin-American or Asian country but it could also be a group of Asian or Latin boys in “their” neighborhood.

        1. @Iceman:
          Thank you. That’s a much more interesting ‘teasing’ photo by a definite cutie.

        2. Wow, definitely no underwear then! Which is what I thought based on the first picture.

          And I thought the first picture was teasing :)

          1. “Wow, definitely no underwear then!”

            You MAY be correct — but, if you know anything about South East Asian boys, many of them can and do wear some of the skimpiest of bikini underwear — to the point that some of them are worn so much that the waistband is, let’s say, loosening and can ride down their hips quite a bit to just barely cover their genitals (and buttocks).

            Add to that, so many boys “shower/bathe” while wearing them (to ‘wash’ their undies while cleaning their bodies) and that adds to the “worn” factor.

        3. @Iceman Thanks. Oh my heart…… or is it something else. I have made a fool of myself often with guys dressed such as that. Long ago in a far away galaxy, at a jobsite, a welder came up to me and caressed my bare chest, right in front of a half a dozen people working there because I was one of those guys dressed like that. And don’t bother to ask, I don’t kiss and tell.

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