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  1. Another one of these alternative reality videos!
    I guess they’ll keep piling up until equal marriage results in as many gay marriages as straight ones… ;)

  2. I view most (but not all) of these “straights vs. gays” things as asinine. This is even worse than the “straights ‘coming out’ punchlines.” That was one of the absolute worst parts of the movie, Love, Simon, the others being the pseudo High School Musical scene and the “I love your boots” scene very early in the movie. That was one of THE most non-gay, “gay” movies.

    Nice kid, but his talents should have been put to better use.

  3. That boy is adorable – too bad he bats for the other team. I found the last scene with him meeting the girl fraught with pubescent tension, and it almost forces the imagination into visualizing one of the hottest encounters ever un-filmed.

    1. “too bad he bats for the other team.”

      Who said he “does” — it’s just a character in a long skit. Privately, who knows?

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