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Hey everyone, just a quick update on what’s going on and keeping me busy at the moment: I wanted to get the new NSFW blog online over the weekend but didn’t get around to it. We’re currently having some technical problems with the new server we moved milkboys to and I was busy trying to fix those, sadly without much success.

You probably noticed that the site is painfully slow sometimes and not all features are working as intended (comment editing, the RSS feed etc). I already had the host look into it, they did some optimisations but couldn’t fix the general unresponsiveness either. I’m trying to find a web dev who can take a look at the site and maybe figure out what the problem is. In worst case I’ll try to upgrade the server and see if that helps.

I’ll hopefully manage to get the new site online within the next few days anyway but please be patient with me. We’re having close to 40° here on a daily basis and I’m dealing with some other important life issues at the same time. I’m doing what I can but it’s all pretty exhausting, I’m sure many of you can relate.

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  1. — Do enjoy this site too much to care about irregularities.
    — Do like this site too much to care about oddities.
    — MAY BE you need a committee for you to make work.
    — YOU need a successor. Of some committee of helpers you can “Santa Clause” continuity.
    — Do love the political stuffing of this site. Such is of your site’s treat. The open free commentaries are the best of any site am aware of.
    — •.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•

    1. — WORK makes the FANTASTIC. The fantasies make for the work.
      — WORK from FANTASY makes for any thing FANTASTIC, for such as bridges, roads, railroads, ROUTE 66, and sites such as this.
      — Am being silly here. Please forgive.
      — LOVE this site. It is a work of a very rare.

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