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  1. Cute. Good looking, great body, very interesting ‘package.’ Pretty good lip-sync as well. Also interesting that very few of the passers-by bothered to look at him (within camera view) while he was performing.

    Porn? :-) I’d watch him.

  2. How could so many people pass him and not look. There were only two groups that gave him a glance. I would have had to stop and watch the whole show!

    1. 2 thoughts come to mind:
      – It’s California/L.A., so people are used to weird sh!t happening. (particularly in front of a camera)
      – There are guys behind the camera asking people to just pass through without stopping

      1. San Diego

        Although I haven’t bumped into any of the Helix guys

        Yet :)

        SD is close to the top of best places in USA for me. So far, the only place in this country I could consider living in.
        It’s the oddest feeling to be in an American city and to find oneself submerged in crowds of normal likeable people.
        Love the place.

        Got a serious homeless problem though… :( :(

  3. Nice to see Jesse’s natural hair color. (He’s platinum blond in most of his videos.) He and Jamie Sanders (another dancer turned porn star on Helix) were a couple for a while.

    1. Yeah . . . kind of hard for me to have any sense of desire for Jesse anymore. He broke Jamie’s heart.

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