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  1. At the risk of offending the Puritan and easily bored readership, I like this pic, though I have seen it before. I like it because I find the boy sexually attractive, enhanced by his interesting (= good sized) package.

    1. @Chunky:

      I’m with you here. He’s definitely * attractive. But, the only difference with me is: enhanced by his interesting (= any sized) package. I have nothing against those with “socially-smaller” genitals — after all, and I’ve stated this before, anything more than a mouthful is wasteful. :-)

    1. @Paul

      There are, and always will be, some out there who will be offended at absolutely anything – and even absolutely nothing!

      The truly perverse dregs of so-called humanity who relish the conflict, the sense of power they gain from screwing others over!

  2. ❦An oldie but goodie yet may draw back that whiney lurking troll who always aims to cause grief.
    ~Boys like this are seldom even aware of how truly gorgeous they are and not just to our eyes.

        1. Oh get over yourself, you pathetic old queen!

          To hate you, I’d have to care about you but the only emotion you stir is perhaps one of pity as I visualise you sitting alone in your Y-Fronts venting all your bile onto the interwebs in some vain hope of staying off the fading of the light.

          1. Thank you, idiot. With every post you make, your words just continue to prove my point.

  3. I suspect this boy is much older, maybe even a mature man at this point. The photo has been around for years. But it is a classic and there is not much sexier than a toned boy soaking wet in a Speedo.

  4. I’m sure the design of the swimwear pattern flatters him somewhat – but nonetheless, GORJUS! :)

  5. Yes, an oldie but goodie indeed! Nice to meet him again. I could play with him morning, noon and night.

  6. kinkynik United Kingdom gives us a few more of this oldie and a tasty goodie. THANKS. Sweets come in flavors and this is not a chocolate chip but maybe a strawberry yogurt creamy soft cookie.

  7. The only people who would be offended by this picture are people who are ashamed that they have sexual thoughts about the boy because of the image and should really stay away from school swim meets until they can appreciate true beauty for what it is.

  8. Gosh your so frigin hot and sexy. I love blondes they drive me crazy. I love your pic. It shows your sexiness all over. especially your long dick. I wish I could see it at its full growth and your sweet little ass.

  9. What a beautiful boy. Sadly, the link to kinkynik is not working anymore. Can this pictures be found anywhere else?

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