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  1. Something tell em he’s just showing off… But he does look like he has specials talents!!

  2. If I understand my numbers, he is a running back or a defensive back…..quarterback’s have numbers below 20, so he is probably showing off. He can come show off for me anytime though! We will change his 3 to an 8 and he can be my tight end!

  3. Wow! H.S. football was NOT like that for me! I was smaller — 5’7″, 145#, so I got tossed around and a bit run over because the joke was to put someone like me on the line — being in Texas I survived, but I had to admit that [American, stupid] football just wasn’t for the likes of me. I decided to take my general speed advantage to wrestling (being able to move around quickly like a snake) and track & field.

  4. Well, if indeed I am correct and he is a running back, he should not ever have so much exposed skin or be running around with no cup. It’s like his job to get tackled. If I’m right, and hes not actually a quarterback, he set that picture up on purpose… therefore, showing off. But still no complaints here.

  5. American football is anything but stupid. It is a great game, not only because of the boys on the picture, but it allows athletes of different sizes and abilities contribute for the team. It is hard to imagine being 5’7″ would be an issue per se, there are shorter players in *NFL*, High School Football is something else. But sure, in the positions shorter players play one had better to either be quick and agile or have a good kick. Also certain athleticism and power help in every position.

  6. Now … what if we all answer his advertisement ? If false advertising, that is punishment. If it is particularizing, then it is misleading advertising and that is punishment. &c. Let us all forgive and forget all that. Let us all strip him, as each might or will, and, let us all, and, each, fuck him. And, afterwards, thank him for his offerings.
    — And, THANK HIM for the GOOD advertising !!!

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