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    1. Rare? Seriously? Where have you lived for the last, oh, I don’t know, about 20+ years … and counting … by decades, if not centuries?

      I ‘wear’ mine to the right ….. as do hundreds of other millions. So, what’s your definition of “rare”?

      1. Was a poll taken on a site years ago, worked out about 10%right and 90% left when you took out the ups and straight downs, made me think it might be related to jacking

        1. That “poll” is PURE BULLSHIT — EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

          I can walk through an office where men are standing, walk a sidewalk, or any other location and see that the difference between ‘left’ and ‘right’ are minimal. The biggest gap [in numbers] are those who [are able] to curve their penis directly over the center of their scrotum/testes. And some of those who’s not ‘long enough’ to curve, just “stick outward’ about the center.

          I’ve been watching bulges way too many years [a shitload more than you have] to fall for your pure bullshit.

  1. As a singer in a church junior choir do get to sing what later becomes a personal sex song. STEP BY STEP I FOLLOW THEEEEEE WHERE THOU LEADITH LORD. The pastor of the church has 4 children. The oldest is a of a nice down and some times out thing at the same school. After the pastor gives a key to the church to this’s sister and fuckes he

    1. and fucks her ( legal age at the time is 16 ) she them marries the pastor’s son. STEP BY STEP I FOLLOW THEE …. WHERE THOU LEADETH LORD …. They are together over 31 years with one child, a son, an idiot. Guess why ? Am aware that husband and son like boys though they are not aware of this’s knowing that. ==== OH ! === Like this guy, a swimmer, of this post. STEP BY STEP I FOLLOW THEEEEEE ….LEADING LORD I COME ♂ 🌞❦ ☺☻♪♫

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