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  1. looks like the guy behind him agrees with you judging by where his eyes are looking and the expression on his face…

    1. It looks like he probably shaves? I mean, his Speedo is low enough to give the impression he keeps things smooth as a baby’s bottom. Wow!!

    2. From the coloration of his very lower abdomen, It looks to me he most probably shaves his pubes, and looks to be totally as well. And not only that, he appears to want to show off his shaved area as well — probably to his swim teammates and to anyone else who is looking at him (and maybe his “shout-out” to his family/parents as well?).

    3. Unfortunately yes, it does look like he buys into the misguided trend toward infantilizing young men in this way.

      1. As opposed to the extremely misguided [and that’s being nice] trend toward looking as stupid as you can be with these bowl/’tuft’/man-bun “haircuts”?

        I’ll take the shaved pubis any day over ^this.^

  2. It’s nice to see the young gentleman smiling. I get tired of the pouty “come hither” look.

  3. It almost looks like the boy behind him has a cellphone in his hands and is getting a view from the other side.

  4. Romanian swimmer Kevin Alexandru Militaru (b. 1998), now a pharmacy student in Bucharest. There are more flattering pictures of him in orange Jaked speedos or blue Arena jammers. Also seen on FB.

  5. Jewel of the Balkan…21 now…too bad! Can’t possibily be more shedding tears beautiful!

  6. Love that face and hint of a smile. Body is beautiful but to “dry” for me. Not that I’d shoo him away!!!

      1. The legendary grey speedo boy was Pedro Delafuente, a Mexican exchange student at Coronado High School on Coronado Island, San Diego. The famous photos were taken at Newport Harbor High School, Newport Beach, California, during a water polo tournament in 2004. Apparently Pedro did not age well as a few other later photos will show. The original Scott Stanford GSB photos may be seen at:-

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