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  1. I never understand the ear protection for swimmers. I was never a ‘real’ swimmer nor in ANY competition. Tom Daley does not wear a helmet yet he dives in the water. These guys look resting. I figure they already hear what the helmets are to protect against, including the ears. I like the courage of swimmmers to show off the body parts. They are aware of this, as Tom Daley and partners and their dancing show (on youtube, for example). NICE PICTURE

  2. I think besides keeping the water out of their ears, it’s also to keep their sense of balance in check while swimming.

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    2. You should look at your own issues, and also consider why you come to this page. As others have said, they’re older than you must think, and clothed. Do you condemn your local sporting goods store for their ads? Hell, JC Penneys has more provocative ads than this.

    3. These boys are not only pubescent, but a couple of them are, obviously, already well on their way to an impressive endowment. As for this being in poor taste, I’ll bet these boys taste great. To that end, I humbly offer myself as tester, to taste their creamy smooth skin and swallow any thick, musky, salty fluids I can coax from within. Just my civic duty.

      About 10 minutes either side of the onset of puberty, we humans become intensely sexual beings, and we are always in heat from then on. Marcasaurusrex, you should leave earth and return to your home planet – you won’t be happy here.

    4. “Again with prepubescent boys”?

      If these boys are “prepubescent” with bulges such as what’s shown, I can only imagine what their bulges will look like when they’re 17 and 18!


      “You should look at your own issues, and also consider why you come to this page.”

      Well said.

  3. You do realize that ‘prepubescent’ means before puberty, yes? You sound like those people who toss around the term pedophile when they see someone checking out a 15 year old. Before puberty. Those boys are at least 13, possibly older. The youngest (or at least the least physically developed) seems to be the boy closest to the camera and he’s a good year or two past ‘prepubescent’.

    Note – assuming this isn’t going to go below Marcasaurusrex’s post, despite my having used the reply function, so my apologies.

  4. Ok, reply still not working for me, but as I posted this I realized that while I’d addressed the prepubescent comment, I’d left out the other half of my argument. Namely, the comment about bad taste. Explain to me what it is about that photo that has you saying it’s in bad taste. Is it the photo itself, or its inclusion on this website? Hard to imagine it’s the photo itself that has you upset, but hell, maybe you’re just that kind of crazy. So it’s likely seeing that photo on this site. Do you look at Milkboys as being a pornographic site? Granted, there are things here from time to time which could earn that label, but for the most part this site seems to feature beauty, whether in a photo, or a song, or a film. How can beauty be deemed inappropriate? That is a perfectly innocent photo, without the least hint of sexualizing or even sexuality, beyond that which a ‘pubescent’ boy himself brings to the party, so to speak. Seems to me, if you find this photo to be in bad taste, then it’s your own prurient thoughts about these boys that you find so disturbing. So you need to work that out on your own and leave us out of your disturbing thought processes.

  5. How painful is swimmer’s ear? Affecting the outer ear, swimmer’s ear (also called acute otitis externa) is a painful condition resulting from inflammation, irritation, or infection. These symptoms often occur after water gets trapped in your ear, with subsequent spread of bacteria or fungal organisms.
    — One reason for caps and ear muffs for regular swimmers.
    — What is the medical term for swimmer’s ear? The medical term for swimmer’s ear is otitis externa. Swimmer’s ear occurs when moisture gets trapped in the outer ear space, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth, which can invade the skin of the ear canal.
    — Another reason for caps and ear muffs for regular swimmers.
    — OH ! Why do boys have a bump in their tight swimwear ? HA HA HA ! √ ♥ .

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