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  1. That Czech site is something that could keep you busy for hours … (days?). When you click at the bottom with the double-arrow [starší = older], there’s quite an assortment of goodies to look at. When a Czech starts puberty, it’s something else — very noticeable ‘packages’ with very little hair to get in the way (and when it does, most of them shave). Keep looking and you’ll see quite a few very similar to this one ^^ — those swim suits just highlight their hot bodies — not hide much at all.

    When I was around the 4th Grade, I happened to look over at a urinal and noticed a Polish boy (he had mentioned it before) that was quite hung (thick as well). I then came to the [innocent?] conclusion that ALL Poles had/has large penises and testes. One could be easy to come to a very similar conclusion about Czechs and some other Eastern Europeans from what I’ve noticed through their very available porn.

    Thanks for this post. This and that site conjure up so many different ‘stories’ in my mind that could easily turn into some stimulating porn.

  2. Here’s another great example of what I’m talking about:

  3. Number 147 is trying to win the race. The showing of the penis is not of you nor of us but of a their own reality regardless of sex as the show is of the desire to win and not of some romance. Be real. We might want our one to win, dick and all. MMMmmm. That react is real for we who see. — Czech ?

  4. OH ! See
    Not a X site. Full of what they hope you mmmmight pay more for. WOW. Finds ones to fall in love with.

  5. LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBAALL is on. ESPN or so. YED ! Do argue, complain, and write as if. Am a weird. Am a sexual weird. Baseball time out. Am a crazy lover. Back to the Cup Cakes

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