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  1. mm.. the taste of fresh young abs with just a hint of chlorine water … is something I can only imagine

    1. Since Russian competitors were so comprehensively found to be drug cheats and received significant worlwide bans from competitions the question for them has been how to have athletes that excell.
      Those wrist straps are increasingly used by state sponsored Russian swim teams. The bands are GPS enabled and at limits set by the coaching team if the athlete shows no improvement or perhaps not reaching a set speed then a good electric jolt is delivered. Obviously not drug related, not illegal in Russia and therefore legal as far as International Sport Committees are concerned.

      1. Torturing an athlete? Seriously? I hadn’t heard that before.

        That’s despicable. So, they really can’t compete on their on desires, so it has to be forced from them.

        They seriously need a calculated removal of Putin and his cronies.

        1. Sorry, that’s all BS. The wrist straps are worn by many divers. It reduces the chance of damage as they enter the water

          1. How dare you say it’s BS.
            Where’s your proof?
            You haven’t a clue about Russian swim teams and by now even you should be able to understand alternative facts. Yes! Facts!

    1. Nothing wrong with him — at least he’s not flat — he possesses male qualities. And I still find it rather amazing of the stupidity of some men [not just gays] to consistently “think” that when a penis is soft, he is simply, by their ignorant declaration, “not endowed.”

      If you were so lucky, you could be very surprised at what his body has to offer — but that won’t happen in a 1000 years.

      1. His mouthwatering body is an adult playground; an amusement park with rides and attractions from head to toe.

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