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  1. Adolescent boys as attractive as he are doomed to popularity, easy access to sex, and a very active social life.

  2. A very healthy person. One thing to keep in mind is that there is often no good context in a photo to really see the persons age. So in particular athletes, of course look good, but they don’t show their age as they would if put next to a fully grown person. So people are to be forgiven for their admiration (at least concerning those prudes who think it is bad to admire the beauty of youth).

      1. Maybe he wasn’t horsey. Not everybody was a whore at a young age like me and you. He reminds me of my trips to the Shetland Islands in the far North of Scotland when I was a tween. Most of the boys at the swimming pool looked like this, being as the locals were ruled by first Norway and then Denmark for 700 years. The Nordic look get the girls and boys everytime..

  3. ANDREW ? What ever. Is the picture of an under age person ? The lusty feelings from looking at this picture is real. The desire to befriend and make this one into a lover is another real. Fantasy ? HA HA HA ! LOVE such fantasy ! Do care NOT the age. The gay people and The homo people have got to stop the SEX POLICE from dictating the lies about the live lust and other sexual realities. This picture is of a littler but wonderful view of some MOBY DICK. If this picture is of an honest near naked of this their one’s body, then, their you have it. They is not there of. nor, from some mere curiosity. The age is not relevant. Got to Get Fucking REAL.

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