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  1. He’s a real boy’s boy. Total raw masculinity, oozing male sexual power from ever pore in his creamy smooth skin, all stretched tight over firm, young muscles. Drooool.

    1. Agreed. While all of the girls will ogle over him, all of the boys, straight and gay, will size him up whenever they can (especially in the shower).

    2. I’m on my laptop and have the TV on at the same time. Just before reading your comment, I happened to glance at the TV where a woman was holding her one-year-old baby in her arms and my brain did that weird miss-step that brains sometimes do. For a second I associated your comment with the child on the TV and was like “WHOA!!!” Glad it lasted less than a second.

  2. You want to penile fuck him or want him to penile fuck you, or, both ? YES ! Do insist the guy with the bulge in / of the picture is a sex object & the bulge is exciting as well as the weight in his hand plams you while another goes after him and take his ass and his hole and his balls and his dick and puts them under another’s control. Puts his entire body and mind under another’s control. Is he a then a SEX OBJECT ? The entire legal community, as the THEY call themselves make you a creator of another a SEX OBJECT and the THEY create ways to name and make laws making fucking fantasies a crime. That is how a 12 y o gets to be a child molester & in jail. — DO want to play with the guy in the photo. 🐾 🐾 🍼🍸🍸

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