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    1. “He’s got so nice and soft hands.”

      Please tell us about your secret computer — that can determine how soft hands are — it must have one hell of a keyboard (and camera?). Which make & model is it so WE can get one too?

  1. Tommaso Cassè b. 2005 Italian diver, photo from Trofeo Niccolo Campo competition, Rome, 2017, the year Tommaso reached 12 years of age.

    1. Do wonder why the site does not so explicit that all original source factoids. . . . Thank you. ! 🍬 🍭 OH ! It is OUR job to figure it out ? ha ha ha — This site is the best. Figure THAT out. Ha HA HA

  2. Interesting, to say the least …………….

    Every comment above mine extols the beauty of this boy from top to bottom (and rightly so) partially due to his age, but chastised me for extolling just the talent of Asa Butterfied in the movie, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.

    1. @Penboy I didn’t chastise you about Asa, though others did. Yes, some fags have their own politically correct bs but some of us ain’t that way

  3. I would definitely vote for him in the next republican primary for President in the usa (who cares if he is Italian), Soft hands and beautiful little boy feet :), like a republican dream…….

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