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  1. My favorite kind of body – young, slim, not soft, not buff, just the right amount of definition. Mouthwatering package.

  2. Speedo swimsuits are so SEXY! I sometimes wonder how come they have never been censured (censurés). Actually, I think they show more than te real thing. My opinion. Young boys like to wear them. They can show their genitals without
    exposing them. You know what I mean.

    1. it is the same with push up bra’s
      I go swimming twice a week: speedo’s like this are rare these days…

    2. “I sometimes wonder how come they have never been censured.”

      You haven’t watched much TV, have you? They always have and always will be in various ways. Not all of them all the time, but the vast majority have been censored for TV cameras.


      “Actually, I think they show more than [the] real thing.”

      Are you Superman or equivalent? Do you have some type of “X-ray vision”? While they’re sexy, it’s impossible to show more COVERED than EXPOSED [the real thing].

      1. Chill, dude. The “mind’s eye” may “see” things differently from actual sight. And that vision may be just as, or even more exciting than the real thing. Allow Claude Simard to enjoy this lovely boy as he pleases, OK?

        1. You mean, like you “see” and “talk to” some “god”?

          Time for you to get back down to EARTH …. where SCIENCE IS.

          1. God? I was only discussing the speedo as the catalyst for some delicious erotic imaginations.
            Don’t worry – I’m right here, with you, on earth, and I assure you, there’s more here than meets the eye as well.

  3. I remember 20 summers ago, (I was 11), in my little yellow budgie smugglers. There were a few family’s over from America with their kids. All the males wore knee length baggy checked short trouser trunks with the boys all wearing underpants as well. It takes all sorts I suppose. Nowadays the Scottish kids all wear baggy trunks, but hopefully no underwear underneath.

    1. “Scottish kids all wear baggy trunks, but hopefully no underwear underneath.”

      OR …… they might wear kilts …… with nothing underneath — and willing to show off.

  4. Lol.

    Q: How do you know if a Highlander is a McDonald?

    A: He’s the one, who, when he raises his kilt, posseses a half pounder. (with cheese)

  5. This photo is part of my collection of hot speedo swimmers!
    There is nothing sexier than a swimmers body and a nice bulge at the pool!
    The bikini speedos, usually Asian are really hot! When I wear them I do notice some stares! Men and Women! Divers really like them! The ones from Japan are the best I think!
    May upload more later!

  6. This person in the picture is a pure perfect instant love. YES. To this one. The bump with The face with The body makes for a love and real enough love beyond mere wont. The real is as we see it here. The naked is a physical climax separate from love. This post shows a picture of a one who is a PURE and PERFECT INSTANT LOVE. Fantasy ? So. Be it.

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