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  1. 😘Skimpy Speedos should be required swimwear for all slim, cute, ‘boys’ in pools…

  2. It’s posts like these that make me prefer milkboys to juiceboys. Seeing less makes me appreciate more.

    1. Christmas is not much fun if you don’t get to open the packages to [at least] see what you get.

  3. This is Tommaso from Rome. He is a diver, but not as well known as Tom Daley or Viktor Minibaev. He has also appeared under the name of Xander. He is quite young here, but when he graduates to blue speedos, his package becomes more interesting. He is hot.

  4. I love that story about scouts! In the BSA, we had no such thing, and the only time we ever stripped was to shower, and typically, most were too shy to even look.

  5. This the best looking guy you have had for weeks. What I like about him is his tan, small package, nice feet and nice boy abs. I hope he has aged well.

  6. Beautiful. Perfect for milkboys! My speedo would be unable to hide my interest in this one.

  7. You should post the now-famous [years past] photo of the young teen wearing bright red [speedo?] sporting a delicious-looking tent for his full erection.

        1. lol BS go back and count how many of the posts for the last 30 days were about trans stuff and how many were not and then get back to me because no way it was even close to half

    1. Dayum! There he is, with looks to die for and all the self-confidence in the world. Boys like him don’t try to get girls (or boys), they have to fight them off.

    1. I find small feet to be more attractive and sexy …. I’m not “into feet” per se, but large feet tend to be a bit of a turn-off for me.

      I also find small noses, ears (with no discernible lobes) and hands to be even more sexy (than feet).

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