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    1. One of the boys is wearing a Livestrong wristband so this is 2004 or later ;)

      Swimmers bodies are hard to beat for me…

  1. I’ve got some old National Geographic magazines gathering dust somewhere that I bought from a Charity shop. I think they were circa 2003, (the mags that is, not the purchase date). It showed Cossack boys going to a private cossack school in the Don Basin, I think. As well as showing them at their studies and drilling etc. It showed the older boys washing the younger boys hair bent over washand basins. The point I’m making is that they were all bollock naked. The older boys about 14 or 15 had bodies like that. The younger ones being 10. Is that kind of material illegal in magazines like National Geographical today? . I’ve even older ones I got from there ( a job lot) that showed Amazonian boys and African boys all bollock naked. Just a passing thought here folks. Is the world around us getting more Free and Liberal, or more Reactionary and Conservative?

    1. I fear the latter :/

      Also, any chance you could scan that Cossack picture? :)

      Perhaps send it to Josh, it sounds great for the site.

    2. “Just a passing thought here folks. Is the world around us getting more Free and Liberal, or more Reactionary and Conservative?”

      Easily, more Reactionary and Conservative. National Geographic magazine is one of just a handful of published periodicals that, at least informally, are classified more as “textbooks” or “textbook periodicals” (if you prefer) that seriously educate and not just “entertain” as so many other periodicals you buy/subscribe to. National Geographic has shown full [frontal] nudity for probably close to 100 years now. It has long been accepted as the “learning magazine” and you can’t censor something with that type of reputation (it seems it may have even outlasted Playboy for full nudity).

      Many [in the millions] teenagers have used certain issues of National Geographic magazine for their erotic “education” — i.e., amusement (to put it mildly).

    3. They’re one and the same – the more free and liberal we get, the more intolerant and reactionary. Just look at what’s going on at colleges, in Senate hearings, with Antifa, and now the homes of Fox News commentators.

      We’ve never been freer – marriage equality, a competitive economy, seriously declining church attendance and religious influence, the unrestricted Internet, etc., and yet never more repressed. Between radical feminism, #MeToo, all the nonsense of political correctness, and the phony-baloney made up issues like ‘cultural appropriation’ and ‘micro-aggressions’ and ‘neutral gender pronouns’ we have never before been so limited in freedom of speech, association, and action.

      It’s no wonder. Liberalism has somehow morphed into Leftism, and that’s near the ‘Totalitarian’ end of the political spectrum. Conservatism is much closer to the ‘Libertarian’ end of the spectrum.

  2. I will need to find them first. Probably in old suitcases gathering dust in attic, I hope.

    1. Or you can judiciously take a photo (with the right lighting) of their photos and just email them to josh.

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