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  1. I always love a light blond with blond eyebrows. They seem to like me, too, if they’re attracted to men.

    1. I was thinking he looked like “Carson Leuters”, and I may have misspelled his last name, a boy all over the internet. LOL

    2. Hair whorls are opposite. Hugo combs his hair from left to right. This boy combs his from right to left.

  2. Cute and nice body for sure. But, what’s wrong with this picture?

    Oh, yeah. He’s holding the wrong ball.

  3. With emphasis on the spunky. Oh I feel a sticky moment coming on. What a hunk and a stud. I bet you he’s banged a good few holes as of late. His big balls full of seed banging against a oussy/boy pussy (or hopefully both) the walls milking his balls as it travels up in ripples up his erect thick long boycock. Oh I need a cuppa tea and a biscuit after that. I do feel queer.

  4. I’ll hold the right ball Penboy. And his left ball as well. As they contract in my hand and overspill my lips and hopefully my boycunt. Well a girl can dream. Lol.

  5. I hope these pics were took a while ago. I thought he was 17 or 18. Christ in these pics in the link you have sent he looks about 13. Let’s hope they are at least 4 years old. God. I feel dirty after what I just said.

  6. Lol. Well I really am in a kinky mood. I like to be totally dominated. I need a man for that. Not a boy.

  7. @Whiterabbit Don’t feel bad even if you are a little bit perverted :) (meant as humor) On one of Lueders’ youtubes a commenter who seemed to know him, said something about he looked 13 even though he was 16 (at that time). Lucky him. Hopefully he will have a fun wet time and with 1 mil youtube subscribers make a little money too. Teens should be spent with plenty of safe splish splash as people tend to become more sedate when they grow up. I’ve know grown men with families who looked 15ish. Lucky them because they will likely look great when they are 60’s. In my teens I was told I looked like a girl because I looked so young which embarrassed me at that time of course. Now I’m smiling. I tell youths not to fret over not having body hair, etc. as it will happen but of course they still worry they don’t fit somebody’s preconception. With gay youth, shaving crotches and bodies seems to be all the rage. And worrying about being called a pervert for liking young looking people is like saying bad things about men who go with small women, ridiculous. I’ve know plenty of small women who didn’t seem small or childish to me when in bed. Maybe something about the close proximity minimizes the difference in size. And when I was that age, I knew several 15 yr boys who had 9″ penises which made me feel inferior until I got enough experience to know they were unusual.

  8. Carson turned 17 this July, but over the past year he’s matured quite a bit. He’s had a small spurt, and has a deeper voice, is leaner, and a longer more defined face.

    I think this pic was taken ~mid 2016, when he’s just turned 16. If you look at some of his music videos/Youtube vids around 2016 he literally looked 13 or 12 xD

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