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  1. Where’s the next image in this stride — where his right leg is down his left leg is rising?

  2. A boy I played with in high school was a cross-country runner. He said lots of the guys didn’t wear jockstraps or underwear – they ran commando. The gentle brushing of the sheer fabric of their running shorts against their dicks, over a long run, resulted in quite a few orgasms. When a boy had to, he’d just pull his dick out from under the short’s leg, ejaculate, put it back, and keep on running. Never missed a step.

    Haven’t seen him in 40 years, but regularly, I still check out his pics in our yearbooks on 6’2″, 130 lb. runner’s bod, bubble butt. blond, blue eyes, nice package – who knows, he may have been the hottest boy who ever lived.

  3. @horselips Well, if this were a common occurrence, it’d certainly sort out the obesity problem.

  4. It’s taking between 3 and up to 10+ MINUTES to get onto this site with NUMEROUS: ERROR 522 (TIMEOUT)

    And you still need to REPLACE the checkbox to keep the name and email address in place.

  5. Sporty Sunday *39 milkboys 2018-08-12 Sporty Sunday …
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