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  1. He’s got a nice package. Compact and bijou. He’s got a body to die for. He gorgeous.

    Josh may I recommend a film I just seen on Sky movies. It’s called Just Charlie. It’s about a 14 year old boy called Charlie, who identifies as a girl. When he’s all dressed up you think you’re looking at a girl. I highly recommend it.

  2. Sporty Sunday *36 milkboys 2018-07-15 …
    — If this guy dresses up as a girl, and, goes acting as a gal, after the swimming, then, so be it. F gender identity. HUMAN honey bees seek him out any way.
    === In famine times, some animals fail to mate. In over populating, some swarm. Some types die out. The dinosaurs eat their way out to end extinct.
    — Go figure. 👽 👽 👽 👽 aint gonna save we.
    — Sweet guys as cute as this guy might save us.

  3. I’ve had one night stands with 20 something versions of this body type. they just lay there and expected me to do all the work. had to stop myself from checking if they had a pulse

    1. Mostly similar experience here, but at least they made sure I didn’t leave thirsty :-P

      1. WOW. thanks for the introducing. look at his eye brows. ”TOUCH ME ANY WHERE…”[song]. Looks as straight but fantasy takes over.

      2. Are you frigging kidding me!?!? These three kids don’t play instruments, don’t sing, and don’t dance, and they’re GOING ON TOUR? And people will spend real money to see them do … nothing … with anything, except lip synch and play “air”?

        This boy was much hotter a few years ago = he’s all grown up now.

  4. LOVE Aqua – Barbie Boy (Barbie Girl) Rock Cover by AMASIC or whatever he goes by. Those eyebrows of his moving along with the song …
    — the
    successfully satisfactorily gets these ears to hear his nice voice and gets these eyes to see gets those silly tattoos on his arm and those moving sexy eyes and those brows. Am awaiting him to get near so can go hear. If it is all a fake, then, will have a actual way to figure that out. comments will make. Do listen to and watch that video four times. Am in love.

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