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  1. Nice (beautiful) followup for “Is being Straight a Myth?”…Based upon a tingle from this pic my vote would be “yes” :)

  2. What could be better than seeing a few good-looking teens in tight, small speedo-type swimwear displaying their malehood?

    Well, many more of them together (a whole team), for sure!

  3. I think Jared is right about the two boys are the same. The big bulge boy has a torso that has me mesmerized.

    1. And that’s ALL you noticed?

      I’d be willing to bet he had a semi-erection, at the least.

  4. This is a photo by the great Aussie photographer William and is part of a most interesting set of these two cute boys …

    1. I’d love to see this artists photos, so do you have a website for him, or just his full “professional” name so I can search for his photos?

  5. The two surfers pictured are (or were) members of Currumbin Beach Surf Club on the southern Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. The Viking club logo has been in use for a long time. There are about 14 of William’s photos in the set that I have seen, with the dark-haired surfer carrying his surfboard across the beach in earlier photos.

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