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  1. Everything looks great ……. except that haircut. Boys around that age look best in long hair.

    1. Haircuts like that are the fashion in Europe and the UK at the moment together with short shorts and swimwear. I think his hair looks cool.

      1. Well that haircut is well established in the US too. It was very obvious at the Little League World Series in August (the only sporting event I take seriously). I see it out and about in Northern California, too.
        These styles come and go so we just need to enjoy them.

  2. Brightens my day :) Thanks
    Looks like Nov. 25th is the date to be there in Ljubljana, Slovenija

  3. Wonderful body.

    I’ve been abroad do a few days now. I’ve seen quite bit of slim boys with ample butts, especially in joggers. Can’t say I’d disapprove the current fashion. Wonderful.

  4. I like the “Kim Jung Un” haircut on teenage boys. On them, it’s super masculine, and if they have the body to go with it, and OMFG this boy has it, they’re irresistible.

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