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    1. Tindr and Grindr. With a face body and probably a cute cock and balls to boot this boy will be balls deep in both girl pussy and boy pussy. I wish he was in mine.

    1. Can we share him? His balls will need plenty of good food to replenish him. He can bring his brother. They can toss for it who gets sloppy seconds.

      1. Good God whiterabbit, please calm down.

        Also, i don’t appreciate you talking about my future husband in this way

  1. As a side note, anyone notice the incredible bromance between jack dylan grazer and finn wolfhard?? I mean, they can’t keep their hands (nor lips) off each other.

    Just an observation, that’s all (drowns in jealousy)

    1. I’ve been a fan of Finn since Stranger Things came out. His goofy personality and cute face just got me love him all this time

  2. Stranger Things was my favorite new series of last year. Nonetheless, Jack is wayyy cooler #TeamJack

    1. Thanks Sean! Wish i could have seen him in glorious Imax this week. Alas i’ve had to settle for the standard format

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