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  1. A year on steroids, body hair and a couple of tats and he would be perfect . . . according to Advocate and Queety commenters. This is their idea of hardcore pornography and must be suppressed at all costs.

    1. Faggots are a hugely discriminating subgroup. The consequence of mainstream acceptation of homosexuality in Western culture has been the adoption of a mainstream image for homosexuals, one which seeks to discourage reactionary fears of ‘pedophile’ inclinations. Most faggots will viciously loathe those who express attraction for younger males, as a reaction to their own insecurity regarding the frailty of LGBT political conquests. They would rather side with their own worst critics than risk further confrontation.

      1. “Faggots are a hugely discriminating subgroup.”

        No more than the straights. Haven’t you seen the comments for females by straight guys (face, hair, breasts, fat, etc) … or for males by the women (face, hair, penis, body, etc)? They’re not only JUST AS “discriminating” but many times even more so.

      2. Nudists do the same sort of thing. Mainstream nudist resorts in the US have a total prohibition on any type of touching. They try to pretend that members have no sexual desires, just want to be nude and natural.

        Some resorts are loosening the restrictions and public nude beaches are often a little looser since there is no official in charge.

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