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  1. Isn’t there a better pic of these 3 from the front (all)?

    If you’re going to select wet suit pics, how about with [much] lighter colors — it’s much better.

  2. “I don’t think this is the same one, but ……”
    …he’s extremely cute!

  3. I’ve noticed that most boys have have there “tool” pointing up when in tight clothing or underwear. I’ve always had mine pointed down, am I wrong in this?

    1. “I’ve always had mine pointed down, am I wrong in this?”

      Not at all. Do whatever makes you comfortable in your daily life. Everyone is different.

    2. The ‘tool’ has to ‘fit’ comfortably, up, down, sideways. There is also the restricting ‘keep it down’ and ‘a-sex’ rule ( to not show gender, m or f ) in some groups. There is also a pad to gender neuter the look in certain entertainments. ;-) OH ! Thank youse above for the links. ♥♡

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