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  1. I think I know why you want better lighting. I ran the picture through PS and adjusted the lighting. The clothes that he is wearing conceal anything of interest. His smile and his nice body are all great to look at.

  2. @matz69:
    “I would not mind if the lighting would be better ;)”

    And, not wearing black? :-)


    Just a minor suggestion: You corrected the spelling of Sunday [above], but not in the filename.

  3. What’s his name & nationality?

    I’m pretty sure you’ve posted his pic before (this same one?) and you/someone identified him. He looks Chinese (Taiwanese, maybe?), but maybe someone said he’s Korean? (Just curious.)

    Either way, he’s sooooo cute and hot. Maybe you can post another (in lighter colors) or link to more pics?

  4. swimwear like this are available in Japan and china .. check out on internet . size difference thou … Japan size L is EU size M or S in the USA…. best are the Japan speedo or mizuno brand.

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