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  1. ❦He’s from ‘Boys In Broadshorts’, I can only thank goodness it wasn’t ‘Boys In Speedos’ or I may have had a massive coronary!
    The old Josh is back😍

    1. I hate to pull a penisbreath like pedantic stroke on you but as he seems to have at long last disappeared up his own fundament, did you mean “board shorts”?

      Nice blond btw, thanks Josh.

      1. @kinkynik
        “-did you mean “board shorts”?”
        ❦Oh Lordy yes you are most certainly correct and I had 5min’s to catch it yet still missed it. May have been a Freudian slip as I never could stand those damn things, should have put ‘bored shorts’ that might have been closer to how I view them. I never spell Speedo wrong though!

        Psst: PB’s not gone rest assured!

      2. I’m not sure about the non-existence of “penisbreath,” [what? couldn’t spell it backwards?] but I’m here to stay and be a thorn in your side. :-)

        Nice blond, though. And looks to have a very nice “vee” as well. :-)

  2. This was my torso/frame circa 1980.
    But we wore swim suits roughly one-third this size.
    These baggy things must be a literal drag in the water.

    1. “These baggy things must be a literal drag in the water.”

      And, a drag to look at as well.

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