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  1. As I type this, my keyboard is arcing and sparking from all the drool dripping into it….I hope it works until I’m finished. Handsome, muscled. hung, teenage jocks are the stuff of wet dreams. (I know, I’ve been there).

    Sadly, he’s probably completely straight, and as irresistible to girls as he is to me. Betcha he’s already balled half the babes in his class.

  2. are we still not allowed to say inapropriate things about underage boys? cause ive noticed a complete lack of monitoring that activity

    1. He looks to be either older high school or even younger college age. “Say [inappropriate] things” — To whom? Older high schoolers or even college boys ….. yeah, right …. as if those ages don’t have sexuality on their minds at least every few minutes of their life. And, what do you think those ages say about everyone else in their schools or in the public area? The very same things we are saying and even more inappropriate. We need to dispense with the eggshell-crushing political correctness crap.

      1. It’s totally high school. Guy is wearing a “Clark High School” shirt. And the singlet has “GV” & “Gators” on it. After a quick google search, both come back to Las Vegas. GV is Green Valley High School.

        My question is what is the guy holding up. A mirror?

  3. As much as I like this photo, I have to ask since this is the 3rd time you’ve used it:
    Do you need help in finding new photos? I’m pretty sure many of us can send you all the photos you could need for future threads.

    1. @ceol:
      “Do wrestlers always go naked under the singlet or don’t they usually wear a jock?”

      From what I’ve seen, some might wear a jockstrap, some might wear just underwear (usually brief types) but most I’ve seen in these singlets are nude underneath. I think most are nude underneath so that in the “heat” of the moment, their opponent can’t have any additional material to grab onto (and therefore possibly tear?) during the wrestling. And I *think* this is the same for body hair (pubic, etc) — less to grab onto (even “accidentally”) and cause any more pain.

      Just my thoughts.

      1. All the more reason to wear something underneath so that you don’t get grabbed. Jockstraps appear less popular these days – shame! Compression shorts do what it says on the tin – another shame – and so you don’t see a bulge. Some wear cups to protects their equipment.

        1. “All the more reason to wear something underneath so that you don’t get grabbed.”

          But anything worn underneath would have seams and seams are folded material which makes it thicker and easier to “grab”. When material is grabbed by the seams and pulled, it’s easier to be torn (depending, of course on the quality of the materials and stitching).


          I made a slight mistake above:
          “And I *think* this is the same for body hair (pubic, etc)”

          I meant to say that body is very closely trimmed or just shaved completely for the reasons I stated above. I’ve seen many holds/moves with a hand right on the crotch area and one could pull the material and if there’s pubic hair (“normal” length [sic]), it could be pulled as well and cause some very unwanted pain.

      2. When I wrestled in high school (I graduated 7 years ago now.) I wore compression shorts like Under Armor underneath my singlet. There was a rule for awhile that you weren’t allowed to wear such things because it would slide on the fabric of the singlet and create an unfair advantage. Most of my teammates wore some type of underwear beneath their singlet.

    1. From what I can see, he appears to be looking directly at the black guy …. not the standing crotch. Check out his eyes very closely.

    1. Because teenage boys get boned over anything and everything – especially almost any body contact, and even more especially when that body contact is extensive, pressured and sustained. During that wonderful time of volcanic hormonal eruptions called adolescence, it’s more an automatic reflex than any indicator of sexual preference or orientation.

  4. Where can i find this video?? I’ve seen this one as a GIF, so there fore it must have a video some place!

  5. I don’t think the baldhead coach is watching the match on the floor! Do you? No imagination needed!

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