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Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard got behind the camera with friend and former Vine star Josh Ovalle for a western-themed music video set to the song Sonora by Spendtime Palace.

Drawing inspiration from Clint Eastwood Westerns, as well as Steven Spielberg’s classic early kid-focused suburban classics like The Goonies, they hit the mean streets of Costa Mesa, California for three days, to tell a sweet story of teenage love threatened by a classic mean dad.

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      1. The British site rlsbb posted season 1 a couple days ago in anticipation of the upcoming season 2. I assume all season 2 episodes will be posted at the same time soon, since Netflix usually makes whole seasons available for binge watching.

        These release sites are a pain though, too much spam and potential malware even on the cyberlocker links, but at least they are not monitored like torrents for such popular series are.

        Very nice video and musical choice, these guys don’t have just acting potential. Finn has balls too (nobody can deny that ;) : He recently fired his agent Tyler Grasham, who has been denounced as a teenage actor sexual predator amidst all the Harvey Weinstein’s scandal repercussions.

        I started watching another series also starting its second season, The Shannara Chronicles, it has 2 cute boys in it, well, young men, but it has a bit too much fantasy, not sure I like it yet…

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