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When these folks were teenagers just realising they might be gay, the idea that they could be allowed to actually marry the person they end up loving some day probably seemed crazy to them.

Just imagine what we could achieve from here on, where we could be once the current queer teen generation turned into seniors.

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  1. As a gay senior I know what I could be today if I had been able to be gay all my life. However, to temper that, I would likely be at least HIV+ or dead because I have a deep enthusiasm for sex!

    But what I could have achieved!

    I would have different happinesses, different fears, different hopes, though. Life would not be a universal paradise.

    I would also have worked damned hard to seduce the boys I was attracted to! I’d have got my equivalent of the quarterback into bed!

    I don’t want tolerance, or acceptance or any other ‘once’. I just want today and always wanted to be completely not special except for my other personal attributes, not for my sexuality.

    This video deserves to be shared widely with the world. I’m doing my part with my mainstream twitter account.

  2. I am 51 years old and I didn’t identify as gay until I was well into my 40’s. I always knew I was different when I was young and as I got older, I refused to accept that I wasn’t “normal”. I think I missed out on a lot of life experience because of this.

    When I did come out, it came as no surprise to anyone around me – apparently, I was the only one who didn’t think I was gay. Whenever I talk to young people, gay or straight, my advice to them is to be true to themselves, be the person they want to be and question everything.

  3. In my early- to mid-teens, I had some wonderful mentors who were older gay men. Growing up in a small village, it helped having the support and guidance to help develop a more authentic self. Unfortunately, each has since passed away, but their memories endure and I try my best to honor them.

  4. I look back now and see where my strength helped others be brave and I can say ok – but I would have rather been brave. I would tell teens today to be all these things – to be smart and brave and strong and loving.

  5. it’s important for us to know how we got here, and these people are making an invaluable contribution for us LGBTQ folks. Their struggles not only show us that it can get better, it also shows us how much further we have to go.

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