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  1. Damn it…where the hell is the volume control for this thing. I had to turn down my speakers to save them, and my ears. Can we have Sexytimes Sunday and SportySunday back? My hair isn’t long enough, and my brow isn’t high enough for this stuff.

    1. “Damn it…where the hell is the volume control for this thing[?]”

      Yeah, that was a really nasty piano, wasn’t it? …..

      1. Ooops. I put an ” at the end, and this editor actually took it for a formatting code (it didn’t appear)! :-)

        Oh, well.

    1. Looks like a shirt and some kind of matching underwear. Probably sold as a set. And socks. And some weird ring thingy on his right hand. And some kind of necklace.

      1. “matching underwear”

        Really? Who’s so ‘vain’ to wear matching underwear with their undershirt? It looks more like some type of outer shorts — at least by the seams and stitching from this angle. I know pajamas are sold as a “set”, but (for boys, anyway) I’ve never seen any underwear top & bottom set. I don’t think boys feel any “need” for an “outfit” for bed. :-)

  2. Very pretty song and boy.
    ❦At first I thought he was a reverse trap, (mb’s has fooled us before!) but Rasmus Ledin is indeed all boy. Just search his name for much more of this blue eyed cutie because he’s not in the least bit shy!

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